The fun things I work on in my spare time.

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    I love to create, make, build, modify, improve, tinker, and just... mess around with fun and interesting things in my spare time. These efforts usually manifest themselves as projects, but occasionally, they'll also take on the form of pointers, tips, tricks, or simple observations. Either way, if I've spent time on it, and I think it's interesting or worth sharing, I'll post it here.

    Think of this page as an archive of sorts - a public record of my interests, hobbies, and projects, as well as the things I learn while pursuing them. Navigation is simple: I've presented the same information in three different ways, so feel free to use whichever you're most comfortable with. You can use the tag cloud, the search function, or simply browse the archives chronologically to see all the work I've done thus far.

    Have a look around, but be sure to check back later... I'm always coming up with new stuff!

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